What are the dimensions/specifications and capacity of the Subpod?

The external dimensions are: 750mm (29.5 in.) L x 450mm (17.7 in.) W x 430mm (16.9 in.) H, including the lid. The internal dimensions are: 710mm (28 in.) L x 410mm (16.1in.) W x 290mm (11.5 in.) H below the soil level.

A total internal volume of 115L, (30 gallons), which gives a total composting volume of 84L (22 gallons) due to the soil level and air flow area at the top.

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Our composting worms are mixture of species (mainly reds and dendras) selected for their composting ability

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The Urbalive Worm Composter is a home wormery kit that can be used indoors or outdoors for composting kitchen waste with the red worms. The perfect wormery for households, classrooms or offices.

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