How do I harvest my worm compost without the worms?

There are a few methods to harvest worm compost without the worms:

  1. The "bottom tray" method: This method involves removing the bottom tray of the wormery and placing it on top of the top tray and removing the lid. This will allow the worms to migrate downwards. The compost in the bottom tray can then be harvested without disturbing the worms.
  2. The "windrow" method: This method involves creating a "windrow" (a long, narrow pile) of the worm compost on top of a piece of plastic sheeting. The worms will migrate to one end of the windrow, leaving the compost at the other end ready for harvest.
  3. The "casting" method: This method involves allowing the worms to work the compost for a longer period of time, until the castings (the worm manure) have dropped to the bottom of the tray, where they can be harvested without worms.
  4. The "screen" method: This method involves using a screen or sifter to separate the compost from the worms. The worms are placed in a new container with fresh bedding and food scraps, while the compost can be collected and used. It's important to note that the worm composting process is ongoing and it's not necessary to harvest all the compost at once, you can harvest the compost as you need it. It's also important to keep the environment of the worms healthy and not to stress them out by disturbing them too much. For more help with your wormery and frequently asked questions pop on over to Or if you’re keen to get started or order a wormery please visit

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