How does DE Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) work?

It works by absorption of oils, waxes and lipids on the coat of insects, to which it is applied, whereby they lose water and of dehydration. It is harmless to earthworms as they do not have a chitinous waxy coat. It could dehydrate other useful insects though, if applied in large enough dry quantities in the garden, but mixed into compost /soil or growing media which then gets watered frequently, in the quantities recommended does not pose a problem.

Our product labels comply with recent legislation and do not claim to control insects the DE CLEAN & DRY product is a Dessicant, Absorbent and Deodoriser. In fact in the soil or compost certain diatomaceous earth with high plant available silica, has many benefits for plant growth- Proven in trials we have done here in Wales, with our Diature product 'SimplyGrow'. Other companies have done large field trials in Australia and India with a similar diatomaceous earth which has to have specific high plant available silica(PAS). Not all DE (diatomaceous earths) have this high PAS. Benefits: Faster seed germination, improved mineral uptake and hence flavour, more viable pollen and improved flower/fruit set, stronger stems and leaves, Improved yield and more efficient use of applied fertiliser, stimulates plant self defence aginst fungal and insect attack, holds and releases water as needed. suitable for organic compost soils and growing media. Proven results from seed to harvest. (This is mostly due to the physical properties, cation exchange and very high surface area of the DE).

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